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It's my birthday today!!! My husband is going to take me out tomorrow to the big lights display downtown and push me around! I'm so, so excited for it. He loves to push me around places, since we don't have to worry about me tiring out, we can chat, and he can lean down to kiss me like this UwU

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I have a December birthday too actually. Hope you have a good one!

Happy birthday! It’s nice you can go to the lights without worrying about getting tired. (And the smooch is adorable!)

Happy Birthday, Caitlyn! My Birthday was today as well, actually! You enjoy them there lights with your husband!

Awww! Cute picture! Happy birthday!

So do I

@cvilbrandt My friends and I extend warm birthday/holiday wishes to you and yours. 20191208_204929

Happy (late) Birthday! I hope you are doing well and have an amazing time on your date!

Maybe I am a little late but I hope u had have a happy birthday with your husband and I wish u and your husband a happy new year.
God bless You both.
Pdt: your comic is awsome, u are making a good work with it.

I take it you two are close; that is a cute picture. Have fun, both of you.