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Hey y'all! Due to a big combination of stuff, my fibro is acting up lately. I've been exhausted, achey, shaky, and brainfogged as heck. I've been able to keep up alright on Tamberlane pages, but everything else has kinda fallen by the wayside mostly. So I'm gonna listen to some very kind folks and take a break!

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get well soon! looking forward to seeing you back in shape!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. I do hope that you start feeling better because a chronic problem is nothing to sneeze at. I’ll be waiting patiently until you can return to doing this wonderful comic.

BTW, please tell me the May 4 comic isn’t going to be “Star Wars” themed somehow. While I love that movie, I believe some fans go a bit overboard with the May the 4th meme.

Take all the time you need!

Take all the time that you all need. your health is more important.

stop the comic for longer and make a proper backlog

D’aww! Adorable art of the big cat herself!

This year (and the year before), keeping your health is extremely important, not just for your safety but for the safety of the people around you. Take your time, though I recommend you post drafts of pages if you need to extend your break. They aren’t going to explode if you post them early.

Have we seen you in TreeHollow yet?

If not, why not?