Guest Art - Thornwolf | Tamberlane

Heyyyy, it's my birthday week! Yay!

I intended to flood a bunch of awesome guest art on the site this week, but I have been exhausted and I've got so much other work to catch up on while I take this short upload break. Oof. So unfortunately I'm going to stick to just this one!

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Toast always lands butter-side down!

(happy birthday caytlin)

Well gee, Happy B-day Caytlin!!! Hope u r doing just great!! Always great to see your funny-cute artwork!!

Poor Belfry tho XD

Happy birthday Caytlin. hope you have a good birthday and hope you have a good day or night as will

Happy birthday, and take all the time you need!

Happy Birthday!

Belfry’s overalls are so cute.