How To Write Growl

Has anyone assembled a Growl translation page yet (or Caytlin provided one that I’m not aware of, lol) and translated the map of Silver Sage? I’ve managed to puzzle out about half of it so far, enough to work out that (for example) the town directly south of the word “Sage” on the map is called Burnt Oak.
(For reference: this map.)

I’ve nailed down everything but Q, X, and Z. I’ll draw the cypher key eventually, and I might put together a fully labeled map (unless I shouldn’t? Please tell me if I shouldn’t!) Capital letters are written the same as normal letters, but larger and with an accent mark over them.
The capital of Silver Sage is Tangled Branch, which seems to roughly equate to Sheffield or Leeds. Follybrook is on that large island to the northeast, by the way.
The Normandy/Brittany area is Sooeen, with its capital of White Tusk, which appears to be in the same area as Le Mans.
The French interior is Pijou (though Jason referred to it as “Piou” on page 124) and its capital is Lumiens, where Milo got his education. It’s co-located with Paris, naturally.
The low countries and northern Germany are entirely inundated, but what’s left of Germany is Chirrup, so I have to assume that’s avian territory. I believe its capital is called Lux Hollow, but I’m not positive that the “r” looking symbol is an X. (If so, it’s only one stroke different from F.) Seems to be around Frankfurt.

I’m amused that there’s a town called Bristle in south-central Silver Sage and another Bristle across the channel in the Cherbourg-equivalent region of Sooeen. Might be an art mistake, but it’s not like that never happens in real life, right?