Incubation | Tamberlane

A little bit of art I made for myself!

I spent some time this morning writing up my experiences with the doctor stuff so far so you can peek in on what it's like to be given hallucinogens for medical treatment. To summarize how things are for me right now: the treatments are working! There are aspects of my fibro that are greatly improved! This has so far been a HUGE success. But I have also been spending most of my time just getting through doctor appointments, so work on Tamberlane has still been slow. (Plus, both my co-writer and my inker have been dealing with very difficult family emergencies, oof).

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Take care of yourself! Your health is more important than the comic of course. We’re all happy to wait. <3

Gotta admit, getting some mad Mewtwo vibes with this pic, LOL. I love it though.