New Site - Use image area

I think a great way to improve the usability in the website is by using areas for the page’s image. Allowing the user to go to the next page and the previous, without much effort on small viewports.

Pretty much what happens on a kindle for example. You have a left area of the image where you can click to go to the previous page, and a wider right area of the image so you can go to the next page.


Try clicking the image in the example in fiddle. The only thing that would go different is that in the site structure there is no need for the onclick in the hyperlinks. Use normal href tag instead.

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Hmm! Not a bad idea! I’ve been trying to keep it as clean of Javascript as I can, but I think that’s worth doing. I’ll work on that tonight!

Just re-read that and it looks like you just said it doesn’t need JS, just the links. nice! :marie_heart_56: even better!

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Yep, there is no need to use JS. Its only there for the window alert show off.

On my first pass, I wasn’t able to get it to work, so I am pushing this to Next Release, when I have the mental bandwidth to dive into it! Thank you so much!

Thanks to your help, this has been implemented! Thank you!