Of Magic and Dragons [Fantasy AU Open Roleplay]

[World Information: This Roleplay takes place in the same world as the original comic just one little change. Magic and monsters are real. Some important notes. The woods near Treehollow are relatively self and it is very rare to encounter a monster there. The “cannon” Classes are used for Official Characters. Please try to keep it to make whatever “Class” you do make sense. For example someone who grew up as a healers assistant is not going to be a barbarian unless explained why. Please try to keep responses to at least a paragraph (4 sentences.), however it is up to you how much you want to type. Last but not least ofc follow the roleplay rules for the forum. The kits (Tamberlane, Piper, Antony, Marie, etc) have their “classes” but are trainees/new to them. To see the fantasy key chains here is the image link. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/385500483042672642/811325591554621470/DnD-keychains-2.png?width=375&height=656
The current events can be considered starting inbetween chapters 3 and 4. Also despite the magic they still don’t know what Tamberlane is.

[Scene Set] It is the middle of autumn. The trees are turning orange, yellow, and red. The morning air is crisp. Belfry had just opened the shop with Walter while Tess was busy in a council meeting. The kits are playing in the woods. They are playing a game of hide and seek with Piper winning due to being the best at hiding as a rouge. Briar is practicing her Martial Arts by the edge of the woods. Nora and Henry are praying and Oakewood would be researching. With the possibility of a monster tide this year some of the adults were tense but still allowed the kits to play in the woods due to the fact that monster tides happen later in the season. That doesn’t stop them from worrying though.

[Feel free to start the rp however you would like with the information given. Just be sure to put some information about your character in the first post you make]