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BELFRY: Because creatures in Abroad are Tainted, they can work with tools we can't.

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Wow, I was not expecting another overhaul of the website.

As I said in the comment section a few days ago, Abroad is starting to sound more like Urinetown to me. It’s a mythical place: one which you will not see until Act II. In any case, Belfrey’s words here probably aren’t helping. She should focus on reassuring Tamberlane that where you are from doesn’t matter, and note that while some other members of their society may judge Tamberlane based on where she is from, Belfrey knows they are wrong to do so.

Haha, surprise! Yeah, I’ve been working on this overhaul for months and months. I wish I could have preserved the comments from the old site, but there was no easy way to make it happen, alas. (I still have the data, though!)

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Hmmmm… Strange tales about a strange land…

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Ah… so that’s what the “taint” is. It’s not a physical condition or illness, it’s knowledge.