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Quick, Belfry, save us from the sadness!



TAMBERLANE: If you ever get bad sick...

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I’m beginning to think these books were chosen to spark discussion instead of giving answers.

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Good save, Belfry. Well, it could be a good save, unless there’s some other prejudice you didn’t think about in whatever story you tell next.

starting to think Tamberlane does go to Abroad,but not without her mom Belfry,Tess( for protection),Oakewood(for research),and perhaps Milo(to assist in said research) sort of a"Hero’s Journey" arc. Piper could be a good candidate(fighter),but she’s probably still grounded for something or other.

well maybe that one she does remember accurately

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No i am pretty sure it’s meant to scare the kids into being quite and not asking questions,