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The field trip is underway! And it looks like Tamberlane is safely under Nora's wing for now.

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Love how cute she is. When are the cast reference sheets getting updated as many don’t have them?

“Nothing can go wrong” is a dangerous thing to say.

Besides this time Avery may not be there to save him from Piper, #LetPiperCommitMurder she’s a good girl and deserves a little murder as a treat,

Yeah something horrible is going to happen for sure, you don’t tempt the gates like that.

While I’m fond of Piper and she was right to defend Tam. And letting Piper murder could be very entertaining, I wish to propose #RedeemCur he could be a good boy with the proper guidance. Also I’m interested learning more about what Cur, cute skunk whose name escapes me, and others directly affected by parents going to Abroad or who tried to escape from Abroad think of all this ‘it’s a secret but trust us it’s bad’ business now that someone challenged it.

And why hasn’t anyone adopted Cur or what is his deal with not having a family to look after him. I know his parents are ‘gone’ but how does he get by? On his own? Network of orphans caring for each other? What’s the deal with the puppy not being looked after and loved? Surely there’s someone stubborn enough to try and take him in paw and raise him right? I’d vote Oakwood but Library Grandpa seems busy of late and has to help with goddaughter/grandbaby/niece Tam.

Nora looks so much fluffier in this! It’s adorable!