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“You’re not from around here. If you were, you’d have been indoctrinated to hate everyone who isn’t from around here. You have to be carefully taught to hate, as someone whom I never heard of said because he’s from Abroad.”

The Council really needs to sit down in the next week or so and have the conversation it’s been putting off for the last three hundred years…

It seems Belfry is under the impression that the council isn’t uncompromising, because she personally knows all four of its members and trusts enough of them (which, in this case, is her mother) to vote against anything ludicrous or cruel.
But that’s not enough. Governments aren’t just the sum of the people ruling others; they’re also social pressure, traditions, ideologies, secrets, lies, in addition to any rules that shift power and/or responsibility from one group to another. Enough perceived conflict, and the members can convince themselves into making a decision that, individually, few of them actually support.

That actually sent chills down my spine, well done

As a teacher who lives in a state that is putting an increasing number of gag-rules on teachers (and only started to ramp up the gag-rules after this comic was released), rereading this arc is giving me chills.