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Holy heck, working on that background took FOREVERRRRR. But man am I ever proud of it!! Enjoy this scene transition at Bally Bluffs!

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What a fine and beautiful place. The girl (I hope) closest to camera looks like she knows something the others don’t.

Well hopefully Tamb’s ride was more pleasant than Bel’s.

the characters look like they’re floating on the ground. you need to add like, foot prints or more weight or something

Googles Wulfnacht…
Google: Did you mean Wolfnacht? the heavy metal nazi band?
Me: no, I meant what I typed
Google: Oh! ok! here’s a bunch of tamberlane stuff!
friggin nazi’s ruining things for everyone.

Is it just me or did half the characters physically reverse-age back to how old they were at the start of the comic?

It’s just the coats. It makes them look extra adorable!