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Pop goes the Yote Brain!

I hope you guys enjoyed the little bit of guest art! I had a good birthday week that allowed me to take it slightly easy but still catch up on lots of work that needed doing!

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Oakewood, pay close attention to what Milo’s saying. He’s giving you hints about what you’re trying to learn.

this is really important information he’s spitting
I want to read it all

Okay, is there anything in the myths about how Abroad isn’t really bad?

I sense an epiphany coming.

In all likelihood, anything to do with anything concerning Abroad has been scrubbed from the face of history by whoever wrote the Edicts. Much like the Cultural Revolution of China, where almost all of the country’s pre-colonial history was wiped out through systematic book-burning and the mass prosecution of scholars in an effort to erase and rewrite history.

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The more something is re-written yet circulated, the more credibility and respect the public has for the ‘original’ scripture.
Which is how a disturbing story about killing off an entire village is now canonized as elementary school material for a nation-spanning war.

Milo just dropped a stone into Oakewood’s lake…