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Tamberlane, you can be fuzzy as your friends if you want!! ;o;

Thank you, Knack Whittle, for flatting this page and the previous one!!

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Yes Parsley, you totally should clarify how different Tamberlane’s anatomy is on a simplistic anthropomorphic model, then she can realize how thoroughly different she is from all her friends.

Tamberlane may need to find more leaves. Put ears everywhere.


(Unintentionally, I hope?) body-shaming Tamb is not cool.

Kids do this all the time. It’s less a matter of shaming and more of “wait, that’s not how I would do it, even if I had your skills. Why don’t you do it how I would do it? I’m so confused!”

It takes a child years to simply realize that other people just do/think differently

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Will Tamberlane become a furry?

I hope Tam realizes that being unique is normal around these parts. I mean how many bat/squirrels or deer/badgers are there walking around there?