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Looks like Parsley's been brushing up on his Trissol since Chapter 2! And Marie maybe not so much.

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I just want to know too scratches head

I’m pretty sure panel 2 means more than just “no”, and panel 3 means “forget it”. But don’t quote me on that, this was something I saw in, like, second grade once

From what I could find in ASL, I suspect Tamberlane is signing the following:
Panel 2: “Different”
Panel 3: “Understand”
Panel 4: “Yes”

Don’t quote me on that, though. I also couldn’t figure out Parsley’s. It’s hard reading sign language in a comic, so this is the best I got.

I agree that seems to be what Tam is saying based off my knowledge of ASL as well, though I am less certain what Parsley is saying.

In panel 3 he seems to be saying ‘want’ but I am not sure what he’s saying in panel 4.

My first thought is ‘banana’ but that doesn’t make sense though it looks very similar to that sign (which seems to have variations on how the hands look so it could still be that sign). Also it may be a sign I haven’t learned as there are many I do not know. I took ASL in school (home schooled) as I had trouble with Spanish and needed a foreign language to graduate. I only remember so much of it.

I skimmed through my old ASL dictionary that has 1,350 signs and got nothing. Still looks like the sign for ‘banana’ to me.

It doesn’t look like the sign for ‘help’ which we’ve seen before in the comic.

So either they started a new topic about fruit or Parsley is saying something I else and I have no clue. :smile:

I guess we’ll find out in the next page - maybe.

I wanna know what she’s saying too:)

For a moment there, I thought Piper had joined the conversation.

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From what I can find online, “want” is with open hands making a grabby-grabby motion, so that word wouldn’t fit. In panel 4 Parsley does indeed make a sign that resembles banana, but I don’t see how that would come up in the conversation…

Guess we’ll have to wait and see next week. We’ll have to do with half of the signs translated for now.

All I’ll say is perhaps American sign language isn’t the one you’ll want to look to ;3 :heart:

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I’ve been searching.

BABY SIGN matches with some things I’ve seen, but not 100%

I have been going through the signs in the comic and am planning on making a document on the Trissole signs. The start of it is in the fan work chat on the official discord but from what I can tell it seems to be a mix of sign languages with some unique ones mixxed in.

This is me when ever my group mates would speak punjabi.

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So does this mean you are using a well defined sign language as opposed to a custom one ?

I found the “help” sign from early on as baby sign…but that’s it

It’s still a little bit custom – I’m adjusting as I go – but it’s certainly broadly based on a well-defined, existing sign language.

Possibly a long shot, but is it based on Makaton?

The sign language hints that one of Tamberlane’s previous guardians was mute or deaf. She’s using it because it’s more comfortable to her, and is also an inclusive code; only those who put the time and effort into learning can ‘overhear’ her.
And then Marie shows off her Elephantese.

Her knowing sign (including “baby sign” might indicate only that someone wanted to communicate before she could talk.)

Thank you for catching that. I did realized after looking it up that I goofed on that one. I was going off memory.

I had wondered if maybe the comic’s sign language borrowed from British Sign Language (BSL), but I am not familiar with the differences between it and ASL. I did take a quick look and all I can say is the alphabet signs are partly different, but I don’t recall if Tam has spelled anything in the comic.