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Parsley's older brother Cilantro is deaf, so he learned some Trissol as a kid to communicate. But after Cilantro moved away to Three Rivers, Parsley got rusty 'til Tam showed up again and he had to dust off his knowledge!

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Interesting to hear a bit about Parsley’s backstory. I wonder if (and if yes, when) we’re gonna see Cilantro in the comic now…

Happy 250th anniversary!

Ducky. Northern English slang for great. Just so peoples know.

Great, but not fantastic. I think a better localization would be “cool” or “sweet”, but without sounding dated
(I’m not Northern English though)

As for Tamberlane’s past: We have a name everyone! WE HAVE A NAME!
okay, a letter, but still!

And congratulations on 250 pages!