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Hmmm, questions about Tamberlane's past... Dang it, Piper!

Thank you, Knack Whittle, for flatting this page!

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No, you interrupted Tamberlane when she was about to tell us something interesting!
And, the favorite character poll is “over quota.”

I’m thinking this was “Vee was Deer” because of hand positioning imitating antlers, possibly ?

I don’t miss Piper anymore

(Awesome video!)

Yeah it’s pretty obvious she meant to say “deer”

That’s the easy answer. She could also be misunderstanding the question and saying “Vee is deaf”

But the question was of the SPECIES of the caretaker, not how well they could hear.

For some reason, the song “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads started playing while I read.

Technically the question was “What was Vee?”, to which “Vee was deaf” is still a correct answer. Bear in mind these are children, the idea Tamberlane missed the underlying question is a possibility.

Not possible. On the font used, the character for “f” is nearly double the height as the character for “r”. If the word was “deaf”, the top of the ‘f’ would be visible.