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At last, Artie and Hattie get to display their entertainer skills!!! They have a tale of horror to tell you... and even Marie is spooked!

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huh. is that some kind of Magic?

Alt text says flashpaper. Aka guncotton, aka I can’t believe we as a species used this as a film base for so long, that’s horrifying in several different ways.

You know, it occurs to me…

In ancient times, the human hunting method was essentially pack-based; gather together and run things down until they fall over, because humans have pretty much the highest stamina of any land-based mammal except possibly for wolves. A well-trained human in peak condition will run just about anything else into the ground eventually.

And human teeth are rather mismatched due to our omnivorous status.

Something to ponder…

That is probably who the Longwalkers are. Those dang naked apes with their big brains and use of tools and nigh unlimited stamina!