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Ooh, Cur has some life lessons to share with Tamberlane~

Thanks as always to Chaon (Cur), Jonas (Jonas), and Kira (Ashley) for their cameos! And thanks to Knack Whittle for flatting!

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Cur appears to be a bit malnourished. Poor fella is probably not getting enough food. He is a bully but I feel for him… Maybe bellfry could adopt him, making him become Tamberlane’s brother, maybe that all he needs is some family.

Creatures get hurt every day, so wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t add to that hurt?

Cur needs a good dozen punches to the head at this point.

The DOOM music: kicks in

yeah Cur is gonna get himself hurt. Tam doesn’t know her strength (humans are actually terrifyingly strong when angry or frightened) and if she loses control of her anger and punches Cur, she might actually kill him. sure she’s still a child and a female at that, But Cur doesn’t look super durable and human children still have Fight or Flight instincts that lead to instances of absurd strength. I can totally see this end tragically, with a really really hurt, or dead, Cur and a absolutely terrified Tamberlane who didn’t mean to hurt him. I would know, I’ve been there. when i was a little older than Tam is here, I had quite a temper. i was also a pretty stupid little brat so it wasn’t until i was older that i really comprehended what was happening exactly. i had to be held down by two adults when i got really mad. TWO FULL GROWN HUMAN ADULTS HAD TO HOLD ME DOWN TO KEEP ME FROM POTENTIALLY HURTING SOMEONE OR MYSELF. that alone has me terrified to lose my temper like that as an adult. I’ve calmed down a LOT since then, but I occasionally have an outburst, and immediately regret it after the fact. Tam may be a bit younger than i was at the time, but she’s a lot more emotionally aware and intelligent than i was at that age. she’s still a child though, and doesn’t have full control of her emotions, so exploding in righteous anger over this could very well lead to an incident. ugh sorry for the word dump. i just had to put that out there