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Thanks to Chaon for Cur's cameo and thanks to Lauren Pierre for flatting this!

My friend's 6 year old daughter, whom I based Tamberlane on, has a fatal brain tumor and a prognosis of 1 year to live. I'm asking folks who love Tamberlane, if they're able, to throw a couple of dollars at their GoFundMe to give Anastasia a wonderful last year. Find out more here.

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Humans asserting dominance in the name of justice.
sigh Some things never change.

Human or beast, who cares ? As long as SOMEONE asserts for justice.

Fact of life:
Some people DO look for trouble.

NO-ONE looks for more trouble than they can handle.

Sometimes a punch in the snoot is worth more than all the speeches in the universe, when the other party doesn’t care about your words.

Let’s go Bel! See if you can diffuse this situation.

Terminal Epileptic, can relate… personally. Got told I was suppose to be dead ages ago. Too F%$#ing stubborn to die, parents too stubborn to let me die.

I believe I donated when I saw the same add last year. Nice to hear she’s still kicking. I’m fighting with medical insurance red tape right now, so my finances are in question until I know if I can afford my prescription, but if you’ll leave a paypal donate button, I’ll drop a few bucks when I get things sorted out. Might even get a few more donations while you wait on that. Just be sure to include a one click button on your end to disable it if something (technical, legal, or otherwise) goes sideways.

Next time you get a chance to go visit her, give her a hug for me. Let her know even the worst cases can have surprising ends. I wasn’t suppose to see my first birthday… and I’m 34 now, and a special case that has both yielded new data that ended up saving lives and causing fights between professional neurologist and brain surgeons. Then give her daddy a hug, just cause I miss mine. Tell him not to give up on her, even when everyone else has. As baffling as it is, one of the most important things dad ever did for me was ORDER me to breath when my whole system shut down. First time, I was less than a month old, and that’s all it took. Three decades later, a deep male voice ordering me to breath while I code is more effective than the crash cart. The doctors don’t understand it at all, but the techs in Dallas use this information now. It saved an 8 year old boy who’s condition is every bit as bad as mine, save he’s still young enough for a few options I don’t qualify for anymore. Doesn’t matter if it makes sense if it works, right?

I know this all looks like rambling, but I’m trying to offer a little bit of hope for Anastasia, from personal experience. I know our conditions aren’t 1-1 but it’s enough that I really know what she’s going through. Hope, stubborn, bullheaded hope, can achieve some amazing things. This coming from a guy who’s been told how long he has left more often then he’s celebrated his birthday.

She contained herself. Well, @BottasHeimfe, I guess she does know her strength

And let me echo everything @37212513 said

Interestingly enough, 37212513 was a code created based on my old user name ‘Mage’ which was used by too many people in too many variations. Not only has no one ever used this one, nor taken it, even given what it means, the number of people who identify the code for what it is is incredibly small for how simple it is.

My siblings started calling me ‘Twitch’ shortly after my first big Grandmaul, largely because it looked like I’d stuck my finger in a power outlet and was shaking from a few hundred watts of power running rampant threw-out my body (not a bad analogy, really). We all thought it was funny as hell, having grown up watching bugs bunny and what not, so the nickname kinda stuck. Then sis tries to cheer me up about something during a bad day during a visit to the neurology center and some old lady decides its her civil duty to stand up for me as Twitch is an offensive term to call an epileptic. Every one of us looks up at her with the same look of absolute befuddlement. I think it was my brother who said “Lady, if we can’t laugh about this, we might as well morn it, and by the time it gets that bleak, we’d best shoot him in the head before he does it himself. We don’t call him Twitch to mock him, we call him Twitch to join in on the joke that is his life, and invite him to join the laughing stock we call our lives.”

Children really are our future. Give them a good reason to laugh, even in the hardest of times, and someone to laugh with because they truly care. Sometimes life is the biggest joke of them all, so why deny the humor in that? {Eh, thought maybe Anastasia might like to hear a story from someone like her, something worth smiling about. Edit: Then again; I read back and realize she’s 6… While you guys will git it, might want to adlib for her…}

oh man i am so glad to see it. I feel the fury in her, but I am so relieved to see her control it like this. this could’ve gotten ugly fast.

I get the feeling there is something in her memories they held her back.