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Thank you to Chaon (Cur) for your patron cameo! And thank you to Lauren Pierre for flatting this page!

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Is there something hidden deep in Tammy’s subconscious?

That’s a laptop. Stuff just got wierd.

Breaking the fourth wall???


Pulls you right out of the story.

I really hope it’s a solidly justified choice, plot wise.

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Something from before Bel found her?

Hmm…seems that Cur has some hidden trauma in his past. As does Tamberlane given the rather severe world shift. Curiouser and Curiouser.

I just noticed that laptop keys are in Growl, even if the text on screen is in English. This is perhaps the deer that found Tam initially?

I mean, that hand isn’t exactly human

I’m not sure what you mean, this doesn’t seem to be breaking the fourth wall at all.

Here’s what I see. :wink:

It’s not breaking the fourth wall. Probably an indicator that Tam came from abroad, since we’ve seen evidence of it being more technologically advanced than Silversage.

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I believe it’s been established much earlier on that “Abroad” is much more technologically advanced than the isolated country that Treehollow is in (I forgot the name). They admit that they are forced to rely on “Abroad” for many basic infrastructural technologies such as plumbing, albeit begrudgingly.

Oho! We’re taking a swerve into sci-if territory!

I believe it’s “Silversage”?

That’s not a fourth wall break.

We’re about to get a whole lot deeper! I cannot wait. This comic is incredible!!

What is worth noting in this is that the hand Tamberlane is reaching towards is not human. So with knowledge about there being advanced technology outside of Treehollow. This will beg the question as to whether “Abroad” has creatures co-existing alongside humans or if, with the context of that panel, she is an experiment of some sort.

If we go with that, perhaps humans went extinct and Tamberlane is a Jurassic-Park-style clone?