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Dream sequence? Dream sequence.

Thanks to Terra (Terra) for their patron cameo!

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Oh, no, I’m going to be crying for the next week!

That is probably not how Bel expected to be snapped back to reality.

Unfortunately I can relate all too well to this… words, no matter how lighthearted or well meaning, and of no ill will, can stack up like daggers and eat at your soul. If people realized how much they hurt someone when they say something, would they revel in how that made someone hurt inside? Or would they be like my dad and avoid saying anything so as to avoid hurt feelings? People really have no idea how much power what they say has. My only hope is they might think twice if they knew… but that is childishly optimistic. I hat to say it but humanity is horribly quick to point fingers, cut a man down, and belittle and bully so they don’t feel any worse about how they feel.

this is why I hide in my computer all day, If I thought about what people said or did to me I think myself in circles till it would eat me alive and nothing would be left. I avoid dealing with my feelings for a reason. I’ve never gotten on top of this issue.
srry to rant but I had a really rough day today and this really put things into perspective. I got a cop called on me because I called a bitter old woman a “8!+ch” after she spent 15 whole minutes screaming at me at the top of her lungs till she was hoarse. another lady saying she was going to get my @$t evicted for having a tiny fire near the apartment complex but I was specifically trying to be safe, I had a gallon of water at the ready, I tried to reason with them they went postal.

What the heck is wrong with them… do they have nothing better to do than threaten tenants with eviction for an HONEST mistake? I just don’t understand people.

again sorry for the long message, but this comic really hit home for me.

they should say the word is mightier than the sword.

Sounds more like your neighbours are batshit insane to me.

I have never commented here before, but I love analyzing dreams, so I made an account just for the occasion! (Also hello, love the comic sooo much by the way!)

That being said, I completely agree with Raptor in that yeah, way too much little funs at Bel have added up to a lot of self criticism in her own mind. Though I also noticed that all of these accounts are false, and point out another think about Bel’s subconscious feels of how she feels other perceive her. The first seems very much like a moment that could and maybe has happened, but being a dream, Bel claims it was already broken, thus showing that she feels so clumsy in others’ eyes that they will assume it on her even when it isn’t the case. The second is more more false in that, while I think it’s very possible her friends would laugh if she fell in the mud, (many people would if someone did) such laughter only lasts a moment before you check on your friend. And considering one of them in a nurse, I feel these two would be by her side quickly to make sure she’s okay. But they’re not. This is even more the case with her dad. Sure I could see him making a clumsy comment if she cut herself at work, but I doubt he’d roll his eyes if that sort of injury were involved. He’d more likely take her hand and try to help because DAD. And the last one, we all know Tam cares very much and how obviously a dream’s fear created dialogue that is. So I think it’s very interesting and sad to see the piece missing from all these moments is that Bel in her mind is so clumsy that she forgets how much the people around her do care about her. She thinks they see her as a walking joke, and that she’s not really worth being a mom because of it. But she’s lost track of how much they do all care about her as a creature too.
Wow, sorry that’s so long for my first comment. I just love dreams.

Been reading re zero and Unsounded while waiting for this, the amount of people not dying is starting to tickle me jajajajajaja.