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The search is ON!

Thanks to Logan (Finn), Marco (Jason), and Ashley (Kira) for your patron cameos!

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Glad Miss Nora is there with her level head, the poor kid’s in over her head as is. Despite her previous bullying/teasing, she doesn’t need more stress on her. Best hope that when they find the kids’ Belfry doesn’t go into a paranoid “mama bear” rage mode and start attacking her own party of rescuers.


Wait… Kira is a girl? I always thought Kira was a boy… Huh.

Well, at least Kira probably won’t participate in those kinds of shenanigans again. This would scare most kids straight (I hate that concept, but it does describe this situation). Cur and Jonas, too.
(Everyone’s going to need therapy after this. I wonder how the town’s mental health services are.)

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Everyone who isn’t already crying is going to cry soon.

Belfry, repeat after me “it’s just… a… kid!”

I had the exact same thought when it was first revealed. Maybe it’s just part of the thing where I greet people as “hey guys” (shrugs).