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Hey, you know Jonas? The little raccoon gremlin in the bully trio who is drowning in the comic at this very second? Yeah, that Jonas -- or at least, the patron behind his cameo, needs our help! Like his character, Jonas has been underwater for some time and struggling to cobble together a safety net. So once again we're banding together to put our collective talents to fundraise a cushion for him!

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I want to tell myself this isn’t the kind of comic where the kids will die, but I’m still freaking out about Tamb.

i mean Tamb is the main character, she’s fine obviously. Jonas however…

Pretty obvious there is a lot of panic. “Gotta get them back to Tree hollow” is insane. They need warming. Dry clothes. At least Tamberlane would benefit from being stripped and several warm bodies piling up, her in the center. Something hot to drink too to warm the insides

At least “cold water drowning” gives you a better chance than when warm.

“Are we losing her too?!” does not bode well for jonas…