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Why the hesitation, Oakewood?

Thanks to Darch (Milo) for your patreon cameo!

MILO: I'm sorry, it's Tamberlane. MILO: She's in the hospital.

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Omg, that last panel XD. Could be meme-able like “When you looking at questionable things during class and the teacher begins approaching you”

I’m guessing Oakwood finally found references to Humanity. about what evils we have wrought upon the world. about the danger we can pose. our species is capable of some really messed up things. while we are also capable of doing great good and compassion, many might see the great evil we are capable of and simply refuse to risk being around us. we are a species of great duality. good and evil, order and chaos. lives saved and lives ended.

Is it me or does Milo look floofier than he did before?

oh remember that s*** the badger lady said that if tam gets sick then she’d have to go abroad or get medicine from there or something? i bet that’s why the fox man is freaking out