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Huh! Weird!

OAKEWOOD: ...she's badly hurt... OAKEWOOD: ...and I am an old fool.

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That’s strange. Though I can’t really make out the words on the left the ones on the right are definitely in English and appear to be printed. From what I can see it’s not a translation of the original but rather a text talking about it. I can’t tell when it was made or how long ago it was made but it still gives interesting information. This is Earth or another planet humans traveled to. Da Vinci and Vitruvius both existed in the past. Or quite possibly I’m reading way to far into things.

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OMG, her species is supposed to have 4 arms and 4 legs?! Badly hurt indeed, how did she lose so many limbs?

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I have a little theory on this. Humans were the dominant species on Earth, like we our now, but somehow the animals evolved to become sapient. They rebelled and drove the humans away from places like Britain, Europe, Russia, etc. Now one of the last places where humans live is abroad, which is why abroad is so advanced. Maybe this “taint” isn’t a sickness but forbidden knowledge/ideas.

It’s definitely on earth! In the beginning of the chapter you can see the map being used shows England under worst-case-scenario sea level rise.


Makes me wonder if the America’s are inhabited by humans still.

Is he ripping it out to hide what he discovered or to bring the page to the doc?

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Ya’ll don’t understand ITS BEEN SINCE LIKE CHRISTMAS 2021

Aside from me feeling the euphoria of having this page release, this page is very interesting as in, why does Oakewood getting confirmation Tamberlane is a human (or atleast knowing she’s the same species as our friend doing jumping jacks) upset him so much? Seeing as how we’ve seen Tamberlanes species be indirectly referred to as Longwalkers which isn’t exactly the kindest nickname I can imagine they haven’t done exactly kind things either

My best guess is something to do with The Great Culling Milo was talking about back when he was theorising with Oakewood but then again we’re only through act 1 and it could be anything.

Can’t wait to see how this affects Oakewood and Tamberlanes relationship