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And now begins... Chapter 5!!! Whoa!! :0

Did you forget all about this guy in all of the hubbub?? Wonder what's going on with him? And who's that cow lady?

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Jentzen’s had things pretty rough.

i don’t even know who “this guy” is. why do we need more characters and another plotline when there’s enough going on already?

Jentzen is the TA that was fired from his job for talking about Abroad. It seems like we’ll be getting some lore drop on the Abroad soon, if Tamberlane is sick and Jentzen is possibly going to be banished…


Seriously? I thought that was an adult, not some kid like the guy here.

It’s a flashback to the past when he was a kid. The scene starts out in the present, where his adopted mom sees him pensive and looking out the window, and then, with the black background, it’s fading into her memories of him as a kid. She very clearly looks different from the first frames and so does he lmao

This storyline is continuing the one where he was fired and might be banished to Abroad.


Yep! The confusion is understandable, but like Caytlin said, it’s a flashback. We’re learning why Jentzen was so set on letting the kids learn more about Abroad. I personally think it’s foreshadowing because he is going to get banished (or at least get very close to it), but we’ll have to wait and see :slight_smile:

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(Also thanks for the response Caytlin!! It’s fun to see you in the comments ^^ I love this comic a lot!)

I’m interested to see what Abroad is. I imagine it as this snowy and desolate place with steep mountains that don’t end for miles with very little food or supplies.