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That's rough, buddy.

Thank you to Cr0oked-Glasses (Jentzen) for your cameo!

GENEVIEVE: But I'll be taking care of you now, okay? GENEVIEVE: Are you sure you don't want some tea?

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No wonder he was advocating teaching the kids more about Abroad.

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So they had to go away because they had to go Abroad for some reason, so now they can’t come back?

Well… it does say on Jentzen’s character file… thing… that his family will be added later, maybe they’ll show up later in the story? Maybe if he does get banished, he will see them again?

Hopefully he doesn’t get banished though, I already like him too much for a sad ending

I’m guessing we humans live Abroad, and we, in typical fictional human fashion, got mad at each other for some reason and nuked everything in sight. Now anyone who goes Abroad gets contaminated and mutates, or some such thing.

Unless this is Fallout, that doesn’t seem likely. Though I could be wrong. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…