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And so we circle back to our main plot once again....

Thank you to Cr0oked-Glasses (Jentzen) for your generous cameo!

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gonna finally find out if jonas (i think that’s the name, the nerd glasses bully) is dead?

I pray he’s at least alive, maybe a coma or something, just not dead… Hopefully?

I really hope the kits are alright, Being stuck under frozen water is no joke , and ususally death is immanent… * looks at Belfry and gulps* Um I’ll just shut up… I’m praying they’ll be okay.

Just letting you know I LOVE this comic. I haven’t looked for furry web comics in forever and found this in well… Belfry Web comics Index xD. I Ab-So-Lutely love the art style and the story is so charming and relatable. * hugs*

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