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Back to the kits on the cart! We've got secrets, whispers, and lots of unanswered questions...

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What the hell did you two talk about last night >.>


You’re in a comic: definitely worry!

Kids always forget that shielding your mouth so they can’t see you’re whispering means shielding it from the people who you want to not find out you’re whispering. And it never ceases to be hilarious to me

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Man I f4%^ing hate these two, already forming a bogus alibi when they literally could lose their lacky and even tamberlane, like they even care about that though! All they care about even now is how they might get in trouble. I super hate them. X(

Edit: Also, I super hope they get in trouble, or at least are held responsible for what they did, but seeing as literally noone got on their case about it yet I doubt it.
As far as I believe, ironically Tamberlane and belfry are probably going to get thrown under the bus on this one. Especially if Tammy gets really sick. I almost am 100 percent sure that the council are going to exile the two very soon.

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I’m hoping that Kira told Cur some actually good advice like, “Just tell the truth, they’ll understand you didn’t mean to.” and not a stupid lie. It seems like they’d be hoping that Jonas would be alright, and if they’re smart at all I would think that they’d assume he would tell the truth.

I guess we’ll find out though! And ooh, it would be interesting if they got exiled (or left voluntarily to seek medical aid). The mystery of it all has been driving me cRaZY!

Hey, we don’t know for sure that’s what they’re doing. It might be, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

don’t take it the wrong way, but it’s spelled “lackey”