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Hmmm... we might have an unreliable narrator here...

KIRA: Course we know. After all, Tamberlane attacked us! MARIE & ANTHONY & PIPER: WHAT?!

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Oh boy, this is how it starts. Jonas dies, rumors spread, and the townsfolk starts to abhor Tamberlane.


hey technically the goat-thing is telling the truth - tam did “attack” them by going after them

Now before everyone calls for children to get smashed, remember these are children.

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The ‘goat-thing’ has a name ya know x3

I really hope Piper doesn’t end up blaming herself for something that’s very much not her fault…

I was just thinking this. How dare she. Makes me want to puke.

This rumor is totally going to cause the adults to think Tamb is evil because of “Abroad,” isn’t it?