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Cur does in fact have a home! Sort of! He just makes it really hard to keep him cared for.

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Can we get a translation of “faffing”?

I believe it is similar to “futzing” or “to futz around” like in the song Futz Said Julie by the late 90s ska band Pain.Futz Said Julie - Pain

Cur’s fear is of abandonment. I believe that his parents were sent “Abroad”. His reactions to adults is based on the ides that if he is not attached to anyone, They can’t hurt him when they “leave”.


So Cur is an orphan and the town rotates them around from house to house as a foster system?

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To “faff around” means to be wasting time doing nothing useful.

As @therandomfox said, wasting time doing nothing or something silly.

Had to look it up, too.
Great source for slang translations is urbandictionary.com.
They even translate abbreviations to you, like ROTFL and all its derivations like ROTFLSHMSFOAIDMT :belfrylol: