[READ THIS] Before Posting

Notice a typo? Did I forget Briar’s freckles AGAIN? Did the Cast Page break? Let me know here!

Typos and Errors in Comic Pages

I typically don’t fix typos or art mistakes until it’s time for the print release of the comic, but here is a great place to keep all those reports so I can go through one by one! Here’s a good template to use for that:

**Page:** 514
**Panel:** 3
**Error:** You forgot the NASA patch on Tamberlane's spacesuit.

Site Errors

If the site is breaking for you, please leave a post in this category with the following template, and I’ll fix it ASAP:

**URL:** Tamberlanecomic.com/tamberlane/comic/514.html
**Browser:** http://whatismybrowser.com/w/Q9T2SW7
**Device/OS:** Laptop/Windows 10
**Expected Behavior:** When I click the next button, it should go to the next page.
**Actual Behavior:** My screen flickered and went black, and weird black ichor started seeping from the edges of my monitor. I don't think this is intended behavior.

To locate the version of the browser you’re using, check this page. It will give you a custom URL that tells me about your browser. Copy that custom URL and paste it in the template.

URL: https://cvilbrandt.github.io/tamberlane/archive/
Browser: Google Chrome
Device/OS: Android Motorola
Expected Behavior: When I click the button, it should jump to that chapter
Actual Behavior: Takes me to the 404 page