[READ THIS] Rules for Roleplay

This area is dedicated to folks who want to RP in the Treehollow universe!

To quote the Guild Wars wiki:

Role playing (often abbreviated as RP ) is the act of assuming the identity, actions, and discourse of a character in a particular setting. The “RP” used to abbreviate “role playing” is also the “RP” used in the abbreviation for role playing games (RPG).

Role playing is the act of giving life to a character. This is usually achieved by creating a backstory for the character, or acting/typing in a particular way.

In this forum, you are encouraged to create characters and roleplay back and forth with others, create your own stories, and dig into the world of Treehollow and Tamberlane as much as you’d like!

As with all good community efforts, however, there are rules you must follow:

  1. I have done my best to compile a list of good rules for roleplay, but it is entirely possible I will forget something. These rules should be considered in flux and may change as our community evolves.
  2. There are likely to be children here, so you must keep your RP rated PG and below. Limit your swearing, and keep all adult situations involving sex or gore or excessive violence out.
  3. This RP should be fun for all and a collaborative story, so you cannot hurt or otherwise control someone else’s character without their permission.
  4. Above all, be kind and patient, and follow the community rules. If someone is being troublesome, please report it to the mods.

Rules for Roleplaying on This Board

  1. Separate out out-of-character (“OOC”) text with (()). For example, ((Haha, this is a fun scene!))
  2. Each thread is a self-contained scene. When you start a scene, the first post should explain the premise of the scene (even if it’s just ‘casual RP’), and any preferences for style of RP.
  3. If you are developing a longer storyline (a story with more than one scene), then start the subject of each thread in the storyline with the name of the storyline in brackets. Aka: [Case of the Missing Mitten]

Tips for Good Roleplay

Good roleplay is roleplay in which everyone is having fun. There are truly no other rules than that. Your writing can be short or long, fantastical or realistic, grammatical or off-the-cuff. It doesn’t matter as long as everyone you’re roleplaying with agrees and is enjoying themselves.

With that in mind, here are some guidelines to ensure that everyone is having a good time.

  1. All RP here is consensual. That means you can’t do something to or with someone else’s character without their permission. On the same token, your character cannot share a background with someone else’s without their permission. RP is a discussion! A back-and-forth! Always work with your partner when you’re roleplaying.
  2. Every pose you write needs to react to someone else’s pose. What’s the point of roleplaying if your character sits in the corner in the shadows, not interacting the whole time?
  3. This is a forum, not a chat program, so give your partners a reasonable amount of time to reply before you get impatient! 24 hours is the minimum, but remember that folks have jobs and school and outside lives.
  4. Please make your own characters. You can’t play canon characters like Belfry or Tamberlane, because it’s not fair to everyone! The exception is that Patreon folks with cameos may play their own characters here.
  5. Keep in mind that all threads are self-contained. If you want to make drastic changes to the world of Treehollow, like a giant war or a meteor hitting, or even just a post-football riot, remember that it’s not going to reach outside of that thread/storyline.
  6. No taking secret, out-of-character knowledge and applying it in-character. For example, if you read a scene where Belfry secreted a pie away into a safe, you can’t bring that pie up in another scene, because there’s no way your character had any knowledge of it.
  7. Allow your characters to have flaws and virtues both. It’s no fun if your character is all perfection OR all problems!
  8. Rules can always be broken! Again, the purpose of roleplay is for everyone to have fun. If everyone in the thread agrees, then you can break the rules.

Happy roleplaying!