Started creating a German transcript

Hey guys,
I just wanted to let you know that I started submitting transcripts for German, which is my native language.
I am planning to introduce my now 12 year old daughter to Tamberlane. It’s a great and heart-warming story, and the characters are just gorgeous. Alas, her English is not good enough to understand the whole story, so I am mainly doing this for her. I just finished translating page 12, so only… 258 more pages to go. I hope to be finished by Christmas… 2023 lol

Maybe if there’s a german native speaker in this Forum, he or she could be so kind as to check if I got everything right.
And, if my transcriptons will be approved on GitHub at all. I don’t really think I got this whole branch-thingy right, and I put my files in the right branches and if the pull requests reach the right mods.

Anyway, will be fun doing the work.
And Caytlin: keep up your brillant work!