UI Foibles - Sidebar and Forum Return

The site’s looking great! That being said…

The sidebar on the comic page has the different link rows that highlight when your mouse cursor hovers over them. The problem with that is that you can only click on the text, which is a little unintuitive.

Additionally, I can’t seem to find any button to return to the comic site from the forums.

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Can you do me a favor and let me know what browser/device you’re on? You can use http://www.whatismybrowser.com and just drop the custom URL it gives you.

Thank you!! I’ll look into these things!

whatismybrowser.com/w/M2SH5AJ Here you go! As an aside, it seems that you can still click to the left and right of the text, but not above or below. Oh, uh, ignore that bit about not having Javascript enabled-- I had NoScript on when I visited whatismybrowser.

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Forum return has been added to the top bar! Next step: create a different logo to use on the forum so that it doesn’t look deceptive. Right now the return link points to the regular main site, but eventually that URL will point to the new one, so (shrug)

Then I’ll work on the navbar on the main page!

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And fixed. Should be deployed to the main page in a few minutes!

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