Welcome to "Jake 'N' Bakes" [Open Roleplay]


What a glorious season this was, the winter snow having blanketed the earth in its cold embrace, as life managed to go about its daily activities. However, this month was particularly special, for it would soon be nearing the holidays and everyone was making the proper preparations… well, almost everyone. Quietly settled in the busy dirt roads of Silver Sage, there settled a small shop that didn’t seem quiet ready to be opened. On its first floor was several small tables and a display case beside a counter for customers to see the latest delight on sale. Behind the counter, as one would be able to see the kitchen, there were a set of stairs -closest to the back door- that led up to the second floor.

It’s there that a door decorated in fine engraved markings, would open up to reveal who was waiting on the other side; an elderly wolf of simple grey hues -though looked more of a lighter grey from age- was just about to greet the day with his usual morning routine. But first thing’s first, a cup of warm Earl Grey. Very carefully he made his way downstairs as one paw clung to the railing while the other had a firm grasp on an unusual looking cane; the cane made of dark oakwood carved and was decorated with gold paintings of a feral wolf howling gold wind trails to the moon. Finally he had reached the bottom, his hind paws had slipped into some comfortable slippers, as the floor was dreadfully cold this time of the year. Not something he often enjoyed so early in the morning.

The old wolf soon found himself before the sink of his bakery, with a mirror that was settled just above it; staring at his reflection he observed himself and took in every detail. Eyes, bright greenish blue, starting to blur from lack of visual assistance; he reached over to the tiny cabinet and opened it to pull out a small pair of glasses and in an instant, he was able to see everything much more clearer. With a mental nod to this, he continued to observe. He was growing a bit of a beard by his chin, he’ll need to decide whether he’d keep it or trim it on a later day. He looked to his ears and…lord he could clearly see why his customers often looked at him funny; about 75% of his right ear had been torn off from his youthful endeavors, making it seem like a simple ear nub at this point. He reached his gnarled claw up to touch and slightly flinched from the ‘phantom pain’ he felt for just a brief moment. At least he still had his other ear. His hand did move to another spot, however, sliding over to his neck to brush over a set of old claw marks that had made themselves visible when the fur didn’t grown over. This was something that even in his old age, he had grown very self conscious about, so he was swift to reach for an ascot that was hung nearby and placed it about his neck to keep unwanted stares.

“…almost time to open shop, innit? Best get the kettle on then.” He said, mostly talking to his reflection as he took a moment to adjust his specs and then began to place on the rest of his attire. Slightly baggy pants that hugged at his ankles and waist, so as not to fall down and make a fool of himself, and a warm sweater vest that was just the right fit for his thin frame. Now with him having set the kettle on the stove, he took this moment to walk around the counter, to the door and flipped a sign from CLOSED to OPEN.